Other help and support in Mäntsälä

Viimeksi muokattu: 5.7.2024

Immigrants can get help and support from local parishes and volunteer organizations.

  • The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare has a service called ”friend for an immigrant mum” to help immigrant mothers integrate and learn the Finnish language. This service helps an immigrant mother meet a local Finnish-speaking woman/mother and spend time with her while doing everyday activities such as going to the grocery store, to the playground, or for a walk. Children are also welcome to join the activities.

    More information and the application document: https://uudenmaanpiiri.mll.fi/perheille/ystavaksi-maahanmuuttajaaidille-/friend-for-an-immigrant-mum/

  • The Red Cross offers a friend service: you can apply for a friend to spend time with and do things that interest you both.

    Contact details for the friend service in Mäntsälä: 045 845 7550 / mantsala@punainenristi.fi

    Website for the friend service in Mäntsälä (website only available in Finnish!): https://rednet.punainenristi.fi/node/15284

  • Mäntsälä’s Evangelic Lutheran Church’s parish wants to be a responsible community that is available to all people living in Mäntsälä. The church serves multicultural families in many ways. If you or your family need urgent help, you can contact the deacon workers: 019 560 7536.

    Mäntsälä’s parish organizes many events for immigrants and their families:

    • A chat club for immigrants: every Tuesday at Ankkuri (Keskuskatu 11, 04600 Mäntsälä).
    • Sauna evenings for men and women: once a month at the Ahvenlampi camp centre (Hermanonkimaantie 132, 04660 Mäntsälä). Immigrants are welcome to join!
    • Multicultural day trip: a day trip with a programme at the Ahvenlampi camp centre twice a year. The trip is organized together with the Municipality of Mäntsälä.
    • A welcoming party for all quota refugees a few months after their arrival in Finland.
    • Various free parish trips to the theatre or other cultural places, depending on the time of the year.

    More information: mission secretary Outi Paukkunen (040 739 4724 / outi.paukkunen@evl.fi)

  • The Elämän Leipä Jokaiselle (freely translated: Bread of Life for Everyone) charity is part of the Mäntsälä Pentecostal Church. It collects excess food products from the food industry, wholesalers and bakeries, and gives these to families with children, pensioners, unemployed people, students, and socially excluded people – anyone who needs help, whatever their situation.

    The food is given out every Wednesday at 5 pm at the Mäntsälä Pentecostal Church (Karhulankuja 5, 04600 Mäntsälä).

    More information (in Finnish): https://elamanleipajokaiselle.fi/ruoanjakotilaisuus/