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What kind of library functions or services would help your learning, hobbies, work or active citizenship the best?

What could the library of Mäntsälä be like? Imagine!

What kind of library functions or services would help your learning, hobbies, work or active citizenship the best? The municipality of Mäntsälä is inviting its citizens to bring up needs and wishes about their library, before the possible planning process of the new library spaces actually begins.

Join the collaborative dreaming process! You can participate in two ways:

Take the survey. It takes about 10 minutes. Among the respondents, three Mäntsälä surprise bags will be drawn, containing e.g. 2 movie tickets and brand new Mäntsälä products! Participate from this link by Sun 23rd Oct 2022: Link to the survey (opens into another window)

Let us know if you are interested in participating in the 3 workshops (Thu 27th Oct 2022 at 17.30-20, Tue 22nd Nov 2022 at 17.30-20 and Thu 19th Jan 2023 at 17.30-20). A diverse group of Mäntsälä citizens will be chosen to participate. Sign up by Sun 9th Oct 2022 from this link (opens into another window).

The purpose of the survey and the workshops is to dream together what could the Mäntsälä library offer in the future. What kind of a library would support the everyday life, feeling of community and the development of the citizens of Mäntsälä?

Many diverse points of views are invited to the conversation. The result of the process will be a common recommendation to the official planners and decision makers of the municipality, if the decision of building a new library or moving the library to other existing premises will be made.

Background information

The council initiative made in September 2021 requested the Mäntsälä council to start searching for solutions for the lack of space in the library. The library has operated temporarily since 1993 in youth centers premises and according to the national statistics (opens into another window), it was the smallest library of Finland in proportion to the population still in 2021.

It’s difficult for the library in the current situation to offer the spaces or the services the library law demands to support learning, hobbies, work and active citizenship.

The library law (opens into another window) promotes equal opportunities for education and culture; accessibility and usability of information; reading culture and versatile literacy; opportunities for lifelong learning and development; active citizenship, democracy and freedom of expression.

In this dreaming process we will not be planning the new spaces or the renovation of the old building concretely, so the workshop participants do not have to be experts in building or renovation. The results will be used as a base for the concrete planning process, if the decision of a new library will be made.

The participatory dreaming process is funded by the regional state administrative agency (Aluehallintovirasto) and it will be carried out by Osana yhteistä ratkaisua Oy together with the staff of the library.

More information:
Anu Järvi-Uutela, director of library services, Municipality of Mäntsälä, anu.jarvi-uutela(at)mantsala.fi
Tanja Korvenmaa, facilitator, Osana yhteistä ratkaisua Oy, tanja(at)osana.fi